Adaptive Intelligence [AI] is redefining AI with the Third Wave of Machine Intelligence (3MI). We are a group of graduate level data scientists, signal-processing engineers, software engineers and data engineers who create solutions to solve the impossible.

Human AI Evolution

The Evolution of Machine Intelligence

Machine Intelligence first made its appearance in the 1950s and was limited in its abilities and hardware. In the early 1970s, hardware flourished, becoming more robust and affordable. AI research caught momentum in the 1980s that allowed AI to learn using through its experience. Today, the Third Wave has just begun, allowing AI to make real-time recommendations to their users.


Third Wave of Machine Intelligence

The First Wave of AI started with the abillity to describe data. The Second Wave of AI mastered the ability to categorize data for statistical learning. The Third Wave of AI explains the results, gives feedback, and provides contextual adaptation. This next phase in AI not only makes accurate predictions, it explains in plain-language how the predictions were made.

Human Machine Partnership

Human-Machine Partnership

In the next step in AI, we believe that Humans and Computers need to work together in order create incredible results. This partnership utilizes the strengths of both human and machine to create a virtual cyborg. Machines can digest, analyze, and generate predictions quickly in order to inform the watchstander to make intelligent decisions.